Rayliv was a Myanmar writer who lived during the Myanmar and Scelorian Super War.

Early LifeEdit

Myanmars and Scelorians used the same year numbers. Rayliv was born in 165,130. Before he was born, his father, Sarzackstein, left for the war. He had two sisters, but one was kidnapped by the Scelorians. Rayliv had an uncontrollable temper because of all of this.

Rosetta BuildingEdit

In 165,150, he started to write on the walls of a building. He wrote about the dreaded war. This building is known to the creator as, "The Rosetta Building" after the Stone Rosetta Stone. Roshaks called this building, "Ghuat".

Ghuat's IntroEdit

165,150. I'm not sure how this war will end. It has been going on since before I was born. This year wasn't very nice for those bloodthirsty Scelorians, but they're too advanced 'to lose. They have over 23,967,465 planets. There's even more on their list, and I don't know what I'll do if they take Myanmar.


The super war ended in 165,160. Rayliv as a 30 year old from the Myanmar Super Weapon, along with his whole species. When Rayliv turned to stone, he was found writing, but frozen in place.